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Hempstead & Johnson Ltd

Design & Manufacture

A complete high-quality manufacturing service from design advice, through prototyping and onwards to high volume production

A fully bespoke design and manufacturing service

Whether your needs are for a one-off prototype or batch production, H&J have the knowledge and experience to deliver a fast, cost effective solution. Our customers range from casting manufacturers through to clients requiring small batch quantities of precision grinding or milled components.

We offer a highly-regarded bespoke drill design and manufacture service.

CNC machine

Specialist Services

Special Cutter Manufacture

We offer a fully bespoke design and manufacturing service for special cutters, such as reamers and drills, in a variety of Carbide and High-Speed Steels.

  • Special side and face cutters
  • Carbide tipped form tools.
  • Brazed carbide-tipped cutters.
  • Specialist products – Brazed copper electrodes with Alkenite tips.
  • Specialist cutters for the Aircraft and Motor industry
  • Full heat treatment – hardening, normalising and tempering

Jig & Fixture Design and Manufacture

We have over 40 years’ experience with specialised jig and fixture design. Let us design and manufacture your critical parts with speed and precision.

H&J produce a variety of jigs and fixtures for the manufacturing and service industries.

These include:

  • Production welding fixtures
  • Special manufacturing/test fixtures
  • General production fixtures
  • Pressure testing fixtures for general/special components
  • Inspection jigs and fixtures – small to large fabrications
  • Coordinate measuring machine and laser alignment facilities

We offer very fast turnaround to suit your production requirements using our CAD design and CNC machining centres.

Pressure Testing

We offer jig design and manufacture of liquid pressure testing assemblies.

Pressure testing of both metal and plastic components.

Current testing jig will pressure test up to 100 Bar.

CNC Milling

Group Services

Nicol & Andrew Group logo

Hempstead & Johnson are part of the Nicol & Andrew Group. Our sister group companies offer a complete range of engineering services to industry.

Onsite Machining

We come to you to repair your industrial equipment in-situ, saving you the disruption and expense of disassembling it, shipping it somewhere and then reinstalling it. From our base in the UK, our highly trained engineers have been making precision on-site repairs, worldwide, for over 60 years.

Whether you run a power plant, an oil platform, a ship, a factory or a process plant – our on-site machining specialists will cut your downtime and save you money.

Crankshaft machining

Metal Stitching & Cast Iron Repair Services

Bring your cracked engine block or press housing back to life using a proven cast iron & steel cold repair service.

Nicol & Andrew Ltd can have a team ready to visit your premises within 24 hours and carry out a guaranteed repair using the unique Metal Stitching Process. We cover all major industries, including marine, power generation, steel, petrochemical, process, offshore and mining.

Metal Stitching

Hydraulic Ram & Cylinder Repairs

When you have problems with your hydraulic rams we can provide you with a quick and cost-effective solution. No matter how severely damaged your hydraulic ram might be, we can provide you with a repair solution.

We hold large stocks of quality materials, and in our fully equipped engineering workshop, we can quickly manufacture replacement parts. Our materials and seals are obtained directly from the manufacturers, this means we can repair rams from any type or make of equipment, whatever your plant, we can handle it all.

We can repair practically any type, make or size of hydraulic ram.

Hydraulic Ram

Metal Spraying Services

We offer a wide range of metal sprayed surface treatments, specialising in precision coatings for applications that involve aggressive and abrasive environments.

We provide HVOF and high-temperature plasma spraying of metal, ceramics and cermets, including HVOF spraying, flame wire spraying, plasma spraying, arc wire spraying, flame powder spraying and cylindrical grinding services.

Metal Spraying Services

Crankshaft Grinding

Wherever you are in the world Nicol & Andrew Group can provide you with teams of experienced repair technicians and precision equipment to cope with a huge range of crankshaft grinding and repair problems.

We are a world-renown provider of emergency crankshaft grinding (on-site & in-situ) to all major industries in all four corners of the globe.

We provide these crankshaft repair services to all industries including marine, power generation, steel production, petrochemical, process, offshore and mining.

Crankshaft Machining

Laser Alignment

We perform laser alignment on your shafts, bores or any flat surfaces at your premises quickly and efficiently. We provide a documented set of readings to allow timely and cost-effective decisions to be taken on any corrective actions necessary.

We also provide laser alignment equipment for hire. Get the latest Laser Shaft and Bore alignment kit where and when you need it. Training available if required. Equipment is also available for sale.

Laser alignment services

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